Bishop Arts District

Waiting for dinner with a friend one day in the hot Texas summer. I decided to go a few hours early to explore the Bishops Art District. If you are not too familiar with this place and you like outdoor shopping and dinning you are definitely missing out! This are pictures taken back in 2016, and today the area is expanding it’s social scene to a multi-million dollar redevelopment that will include housing, retail, and restaurants. While in a couple of years Bishops Art District may not be the same. I have taken upon myself (for myself) to take as many pictures of this growing area and keep its rustic urban vintage feel alive thru photography.


To give you a feel of the Bishop Art District vibe, here are some pictures. It is definitely very Artsy. You will find murals, graffiti art, art galleries, furniture galleries, retail stores, hipster coffee shops, and most definitely food joints. Oh, and your local Paletero (ice cream cart guy).


Taking the what it seemed like a short stretch from Bishop Ave to Tyler St. I found this really rad antique store. The guys that were there were really cool and let me take pictures inside. The place is called DFW M’Antiques, a definite must, to stop by and just take in all of the different and amazing things they have. I probably spend about 45 minutes in this store. It isn’t super big but I just didn’t want to miss a thing. Even though I am only shouting DFW M’Antiques out there are other amazing places that I did not have the time to go inside and explore.

Click here for their website – Give them a visit here: 424 W Davis St, Dallas, TX 75208


Overall, there are so many great places to visit down at the Bishops art district. If you are ever in town in the next couple of years visit this vibrantly small area were you can have such an amazing time hanging out. It is great for a stroll with your significant other, or simply a great place for a magnificent night out with your best mates.  Even though I am excited to see how the new additions will look like in this area. I will definitely miss the old Bishops Art District. For now all I can do is take it in as much as possible and enjoy it to the fullest. I believe a reshoot of this scenic place is over due!




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