Emerald Lake Park

Whether is for fun or for a photography job, I am alway in the look out for new places to take pictures at. Going down the street from where I live I drove past this library that was obviously closed, on a Sunday. Seeing people come out from behind the building I decided I would go investigate and check the place out. I followed a trail that led me to a wonderful park with a like I never new existed.


IMG_0040 Being a nature lover, I had such a great time photographing the scenic views this park had to offer. There were a few seagulls, a morning dove, and people spending a wonderful cloudy sunday fishing out in lake.


For some time now I have develop this fascination with trees. I love spotting the different trees, its shapes and sizes. Now I am not as committed to my fascination enough to know the different names of all the trees out there but visually is my eye candy.


I found this tree in the park, and I was taken by how much character it has, it was amazing to photograph. I will definitely be recommending this park for future photography enquiries, specially for short sessions. This park also offers a long neighborhood trail for the athletic aficionados, great place to work out or relax!!

6102 Mountain Creek Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75249


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