Fort Worth, TX

I live in Dallas and had always stayed on this side of the DFW. A few years ago though when I was introduced to Downtown Fort Worth, I was genuinely surprised.  When I first step foot there I just felt like I was more on a movie set then Downtown Fort Worth to be honest. I was surprised at how many people actually hang out down there, and how many places there are to hang out.



Recently I have spent a lot more time in Downtown Forth Worth. I really enjoy taking photos of this city. I literally feel like there is always something new to take pictures of. Of course, I have not been in every corner of this city but it has honestly become like a little obsession to explore more of this awesome place!



I believe that the thing that I admire more about Downtown, Fort Worth, is that it has a mixture of everything. I mean you can admire the city life (without the fast paced & hassle) just as much as you can admire the country life. There are old places that look amazing and new places that just fit in. I mean everything just works together.



I am in love with the lights in the streets and trees they leave year round. It makes it feel very cozy being outside, almost as if you were inside in a very safe place. These are just a mere sample of all the wonderful photos I have had the privilege to take of this beautiful city. There are many yet to come, just because I honestly think I will never really get tired of photographing the scenic views Downtown Fort Worth has to offer.


3 thoughts on “Fort Worth, TX

  1. Lisa says:

    Hey there!
    I’m from Germany but used to be an exchange student in Texas. I keep coming back to visit host family and friends and each time I get to downtown Fort Worth it just feels like coming home. Such a little Cowtown. 😀
    Thanks for that beautiful post!
    Enchanting Earth


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