Many, Many, years ago my mom mentioned a park somewhere around Highland Park that she had been taken to. She always talked about there being teddy bears outside and a beautiful small lake. Ever since then I made it my mission to find this place unfortunately I was not very successful at it until this past year.



So, it was before Christmas that I was looking online for places around the Dallas area to take photos for my photography. I came across and article that had multiple beautiful parks. I found this one and started looking at the pictures and one of them had the teddy bears. I was super excited that I had finally found it. The next day I took my camera with me and decided I would make my way to the park after work. When I put the address on google maps I was surprised at he fact that this park had been 20 min away from me the whole time!







As you can see on one of the pictures, there had been a what I think it is a waterfall, that frizzed over. A few days before my discovery, it had been the first super cold days of the winter (here in Texas). That day was not the exception but I had finally found it and I could not wait to go and take awesome pictures of the park.


Lakeside Park is a neighborhood park with beautiful homes around it. After all it is located in Highland Park. I had an amazing time walking around the park, taking all in. There were some ducks in the lake and I could even here a mockingbird. It was a beautiful experience and I would definitely recommend this park to anyone who enjoys nature. I will most likely be taking a spring / summer addition of this park, because I am sure it is beautiful then too!

4601 Lakeside Dr, Dallas, TX 75205

Thank you, so much for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoyed this post!


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