Trammell Crow Park

I have been going over this bridge for work everyday and always had the curiosity of where this random exit led too. Prepared with my camera one day, I made it a point to go down the mysterious exit, after work. I frequently would see people coming out or going into the exit, so I managed to gain enough courage to venture [out by myself] down this exit to explore. The bridge is about a mile long, give or take, that starts after Singlenton Blvd and connects you to Irving Blvd. The Trinity River runs directly below it, although I didn’t explore enough to see it – or maybe I did(?). Anyway, going down the spiralled exit, I was pleasantly surprised to find the Trammell Crow Park. I have never heard of it, There are no signs of there being a park on the bridge, or anywhere else. If you were expecting more excitement I can say that I may have driven down there after a drug deal parting ways. So, maybe I was in a little danger but I got some very amazing photos 👍👍

This is the beautiful peaceful park under the Sylvan Ave bridge. There are several stone cow sculptures and this amazing view of Downtown Dallas, TX.

If you read my Emerald Lake Park post you know I have a weird obsession with trees. I fell in love with this tree that day. It was just staying strong there in the middle of the park bare and naked. It made me think about how when seasons change or we change or we get heart broken, and we stand there naked and alone in the middle of life, vulnerable. We lose sight that we are also made to be strong, to withstand the pouring rain and the lighting strikes of our lifes. It reminded me that while it may take a while, the sun will shine and the leafs come back.

So, stand tall and proud and don’t stop giving life and encouraging others, like the trees who don’t stop giving us an important thing we need to survive. I hope you visit this cool park soon! Take your bike, your pet, your significant other. Lay a blanket and enjoy the skyline! Life is too short to not enjoy the little things in life!

3700 Sylvan Ave, Dallas, TX 75207

With Love! Lucid Aspirations Photography ❤

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