IMG_20160313_094601The purpose of this page is to help my visitors get to know the girl behind the lens a little better!

My name is Julieta Jacobo.

I am a city girl, with the spirit of a country girl.

I operate all business and artistic functions in the beautiful State of Texas, in the DFW area. I started with a simple vision, and, while it took me long enough, God has granted me the directions and the will to make it come true.  If I can chase my dream, you can, too! I’m a living testament to never give up on your dreams.  I hope my work inspires you to take that next step and make your lucid aspirations and a reality.

The name “Lucid Aspirations” was spurred out of my passion for the art of photography.  I wanted to immerse myself in the craft to not only capture pieces of the world, which compelled my fascination and wonder, but also to become a source of hopeful inspiration for others.  In addition to that, I feel it as my obligation and personal duty to capture the beauty and special moments of your life that compel and rivet you.

Through my photography I wish to inspire at least one person to pursue their dream until it becomes reality. How will you do that with photos? you may ask?  Well, a photo is said to be worth more than a thousand words. Look at your photo as more than just a photo of you, inspire yourself to become the best part of you that you can be.  So, who will you be?

With Love,
Julieta Jacobo

Thank You for taking time out of your day to visit me! 

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I looking forward to doing business with you!

Julieta I. Jacobo