New York

A few years ago I visited New York to attend a wedding of a dear friend. It was the very first time I had been that far out of Texas. Even though I love my dear state, I was super excited to visit one of the most loved cities from around the globe.


The first most New York attraction we visited was Time Square. I was actually quite surprise when we finally got there. I don’t really know what I was expecting but it was not what I expected, if that makes sense. I guess my reaction was like “this is it?”  Not, in like a bad way, it is such a difference from how they sell it on television and how it feels when you are actually there.


There were a number of characters through that area, making a living. Putting an act for a little cash from all the tourist. Almost naked women walking amongst everyone too, I am not sure what they were selling. There was Pooh, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Man Liberties, Spider Man, Silver Robot guy etc… It was all so different than what I thought but I enjoyed every minute. Didn’t get to have a lot of time to visit the stores around there, Only the M&M store. Also, I wanted a hot dog from an outside hot dog stand but we could find one. The only stand we found was  a pretzel stands and they were salt pretzels so I didn’t buy one.

Over all the walk down Times Square was amazing, the buildings were awesome. I love architecture so I had a ball taking pictures of everything. There I am on the Red Steps in Time Square.



We went by the Trinity Church on 75 Broadway. The outside gothic architectural design was absolutely beautiful. The view from down Wall St. in between the building is one of my favorite photos. The inside of this type of churches always make me a little uneasy but the stain glass window was a work of art.


These of from Wall St. Walking to Broadway, The Tiffany and Co. and Federal Hall and a cool picture of down some street. We had this amazing waffle dessert from a food truck that was just amazing.

We made our way to 9/11 Ground Zero and Memorial. The atmosphere in this part of the city is not compared to the liveliness of the rest of the city. 14 years later in 2015 and the air in this place is sad, is the most quite place in New York. The pain of the events that happened in this place still lingers. Unfortunately, we did not have the time to visit both memorials and the museum.




It was emotional for me, all I could think of was the images I saw on television of the attacks and to see the names of this people there was very sad. I lot of them had roses from loved ones.


This was from the ferry taking us to see Lady Liberty. It was a super cold March morning. When I was told that it was 40 degrees outside, it never grossed my mind before stepping out that I wasn’t in Texas weather.



That is the actual size of the face of Lady Liberty that they have inside in the little museum. It was an awesome experience going here. To be honest I am intimidated by statues and huge monuments like these but once I was there I didn’t notice. Through my whole week in New York I think we spend a lot of time in Liberty Island than any other touristy place.


This are some photos from our train rides wish I did not like because I am used to having my car. I now I am spoiled. The reason that I didn’t like it was because of all the time the rides took out of our day just to go from one place to another.

Overall, the trip was amazing! The objective of the trip was to attend my friends wedding. So, the places that I unfortunately did not go to, I hope I can visit at sometime in my life.




I hope you like and lived vicariously through my adventure of this great city. I hope I can one day go back and share it with my nephew who was suppose to have traveled with me that year but couldn’t go. So, one day we shall go back and spend all the time in the world exploring and sipping coffee in one of those coffee shops in SoHo.

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Japanese Gardens

Ever since last year I wanted to go to the Japanese Garden Festival that comes to the Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth, Tx twice a year. This Festival is hosted by the Fort Worth Japanese Society. This past weekend, my handsome fella and I went to the spring time festival. We were only able to make it to the last performance with the Don Doko Taiko Drummers, nevertheless, it was an amazing experience! 

You can really make a day of it at the festival. They offer performances through out the day, food stands, small shops and of course an amazing garden where time escapes without you feeling it. I was just in awe of all the beauty this place has to offer. For a while I can say I really felt like I was in Japan. 



There are ponds with Koi Fish through out the garden, who very attentively swim past were they see people gathering waiting for food. The Garden offers food for the fish in an old school vending machine where you insert a quarter and twist, then food drops down. They are low in the ground which made me think is for children only. We, however, being children at heart spend about a dollar on Koi food to watch them battle it out.

While exploring the garden, we also spotted a cute little turtle and beautiful Cardinal and of course what would a pond be without ducks, right?

The garden itself is a nice size not to big but definitely has so much to offer. So much nature and life. The Botanic Gardens have done a great job at making the experience feel very real.


I think everyone has the most fun at these round steps that take you across one of the ponds. At first I was a little hesitant to go across because I didn’t want to be “the one” we fell inside the pond. I did go across though, I lost balance for a second and I was just like “great my fear is coming true.” Thankfully, I didn’t fall and become the laughing stock of the day, also the day was cold, like beginning of winter cold. Which is quiet weird for Texas this time of year, maybe if it was one of those 100 degree weather Texas days I wouldn’t had mind a dip with Koi fish. Accidents happen right?

The day was amazing! I wish I had more photos but our camera died and all we could capture was a fourth of the park. I want to thank my handsome man for stealing my camera and taking most of these beautiful pictures for my blog! He also has a blog, please, take a moment and check him out, he is a very talented, two time published author and an awesome lifestyle blogger, The Stormy Poet.


Thank you for checking my blog out today!!! I hope you can follow, like, & comment. I would love to hear back from anyone who appreciates this amazing place in Fort Worth, TX and other small things in life! Like I mentioned earlier the Japanese Garden Festival happens twice a year. The next one will be on October 2017, you can click here for the complete details. Also, check out all the other great events that the Botanic Gardens have through out the year.

I have linked most of the people that take place in bringing us this wonderful experience to share with our loved ones. You are welcome to take a second to check them out too! The Japanese Garden, as other special exhibits have a small fee to enter, however, you can visit the rest of Botanic Garden for free anytime, you surely will not regret it!

3220 BOTANIC GARDEN BLVD FORT WORTH, TX 76107 – 817-392-5510
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